High-ranking exhibitions bring high expectations for exhibitors, and thus a strong spirit of competition, which is why it sometimes translates into a moderately pleasant atmosphere at the ring. However, the same can’t be said about this year’s European Dog Show in Denmark. Participation in this event was pure pleasure and an opportunity to meet new, beautiful Entlebuchers and Greater Swisses.

It was a good day for our ninny MARCO iz Doma Madamy. You shouldn’t be fooled by the serious expression of Marco’s face, he is a real dog mascot 馃檪 However, on that day he made an effort and showed his best side, as a distinguished gentleman with perfect body proportions and beautiful, light, efficient movement. He won in the high stakes of the champion class, 1st place with an excellent opinion, resCACIB and thus the title of VICE-WINNER OF EUROPE.

TYTUS z Zamkowego Grodu didn’t share his big friend’s enthusiasm that day. However, he didn’t give up without a fight and in the champion class he ran 2nd place with an excellent opinion, resCACIB and the title VICE-EUROPE WINNER.

Thank you very much to judge Adrian Landarte (Uruguay) for a flattering and honest judging. We would also like to thank all friends and lovers of Swiss breeds for wonderful company and nice time. May there be more such meetings!