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For us the dog is someone more, it is our lives!

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As long as I remeber there were dogs in my home. Firstly, there was a Polish Lowland Sheep dog, which accopanied me during 16 yers of my childhood. Then, a German Shepherd appeared. After this dog I had a Caucasian Shepherd – beautiful and eminent. Unfortunately, he died tragically.

My next pet was a black Giant Schnauzer. Me and my family had chosen it really carefully, because we had searched it for a long time before we bought the puppy. This time our family has grown by a bitch. She was a naughty puppy so we named her Kara (which in polish means punishment). What I have to admit she was a beauty. What’s more she was a really smart dog. She even could walk along patches in my garden, smelling flowers. Kara was the dog which taught me and my family how to love dogs, respect them and think like them. She was unique bitch, our despair and longing after her death was huge. Our sadness and pain didn’t let us think about next dog.  However we couldn’t live for a long time without quadruped. What it is a life when I went to garden and nobody poked me in the back and go step by step.

We started seeking other breed because each of the following Schnauzer would remind us Kara. We looked for the breed which would be appropriate for us and the choice fell on Great Swiss Mountain Dog. In this way the bitch arrived at our door. She names Rada and she is from breeding “Porażynianka”. She was a little lonely so join to her Celina – Entlebucher. This couple look very sweet. That time idea about starting breeding appeared. It was beginning of breeding “Z zamkowego grodu” which connect the common love and passion my family – 2 daughters and husband – for our lovely dogs. We still learn about our breeds. Every day brings a new experiences. We strive for a healthy, well socialized and relaxed herd.

Durimg one beautiful morning when I was looking for new knowledge on the webs I found the new breed which enamor me completely. This is Boerboel. I decided to join to my herd the new dog – Pola Bracco M.B.

I think that these three breeds is my purpose to which I aspire. I try to ensure them the best development and living conditions. All my dogs is treated as the members of my family. I like to share the beauty of my girls nad boys and this is reason why I often go at the dogs shows in my country and abroad. I like this adrenaline and I enjoy each new success. My heart is huge and it can give love a lot of dogs! 🙂


Latest news from our kennel


EUROPEAN DOG SHOW DENMARK 2023 High-ranking exhibitions bring high expectations for exhibitors, and thus a strong spirit of competition, which is why it sometimes translates into a moderately pleasant atmosphere at the ring. However, the same can't be said about this...


This year our English adventure turned out to be really long and bumpy, but it was worth it! I am grateful that fate allowed me to participate in this fantastic event, which was CRUFTS 2023. For me, it is a celebration of dogs. You can feel this magic when you are...


Recently our webside wasn't too busy because of visual changes, which, we hope you like the same as we do. We weren't idle and here they are! Both Entlebucher and Boerboel puppies came to the world. Two bitches decided to synchronize in a name of female solidarity ;)...


Last weekend of July 30-07-2016 Pola took a part on Summer Exhibition in our town.Judge Janusz Opara (PL) was charmed with our girl which exchanged on great results – I’st place with excellent opinion, CWC and tittle Best of Breed. What that means? Pola got FCI...


On 26 October Pola Bracco MB and Fozzy The Red Buff became the parents  We welcomed on the world 3 handsome, strong boys and 2 wonderful, gentle girls. The litter develop very well what we can observe on increase weight each day. Pola is excellent mother  The babies...


Last holiday we had an opportunity to quest SIMBA – our first boerboel bred puppy (POLA Bracco MB x FOZZY The Red Buff). Boy grown like a pie  See you next year you stallion :*


The season has began! This time we didn’t have to go far, because the show was in Sosnowiec, and it was organised by our Będzin ZKwP district office. And even after Christmas break our little bonkers did it well  FIONA z Zamkowego Grodu - puppy class – I’st place with...


First show this year on A+! Aria together with entles opened season 2018 by competing in VII Winter Dog Show in Będzin. We won’t gonna hide that we’re getting more and more satisfied from our Swiss girl because she’s progressing well  ARIA z Lisowskiego Wzgórza -...

CACIB Katowice

Another show and another success! Last sunday 11′th February we took a part in International Show in Katowice. Aria run herseld I’st place with excellent opinion, CAC, CACIB, BOS and CRUFTS 2019 NOMINATION  And that’s all under a strict eye of judge Iwona Magdziarska...

CACIB Katowice

Our little entlees go knock after knock! This time in International Dog Show in Katowice we were evauated by Iwona Magdziarska (PL) who is a strict judge. That makes our results even more satysfying. BOHUN – in elegant champion style run himself I’st place with...


Our breeds


Excellent familiar dog.
These dogs are gentle, calm, very loyal and warm friend of family.

The Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Fearless watchdog of great  intelligence and no obstacles to him scary. He is endowed amazing teritorial feelings but not agressive.


You can’t not love him. This breed is extraordinarily smart, inteligent, faithful and trusting to the owner.

Breeding "Z Zamkowego Grodu"

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